Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A new Toy

Here is my new toy even Steve is impressed, he's made a few holes in his belt made holes in plastic and metal. I think its really great
Been to work today a lot more kids in than I expected. They were off yesturday for bank holiday in Tuesday and Wednesday then on holiday until the 9th. Everyone is in the holiday mood. (We are in on Thursday for an inservice day.)
The weather on the island for the TT fans amongst us is inclement we had a great weekend and bank holiday a little windy but nice and sunny. Today on the other hand is wet and cold lets hope those camping have plenty of wollies. The bikes are out practicing we can hear them on the main road. My cats I'm glad to say are curled up ,with their legs crossed until the biker boys finish.
Liz rang,(a friend from Bristol )saying they had arrived safely on the Island and she is calling in to see me on Saturday which will be great.
Right I think thats it for tonight, need to get some cards made.

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Jo said...

FAB! you got a big bite!! Nice to hear its been doing some biting, mine hasnt even had a nibble yet!