Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Whats on your desk

Okay Its a dumping ground, its usually very tidy but with going back to work on Monday, the first week back leaves me shattered. Must try harder Tx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Saturday 5th Sept, What I learnt...........

Well they were in the sale :) , I just love crocs live in them all year round at home. I even wear my Mary Janes for work I love comfy shoes and theses stay on my feet all day. I did have a sea blue pair but my youngest stole them for summer, I am sure when his feet grow they will be back in my collection. I have also asked Santa for a pair of the new Blitzen slipper, so another to add to my collection. Thanks for stopping to visit leave a comment if you'd like Tx

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Friday 4th What I learnt today................

Here is mine what I learnt today....... you have to remember that living on the Isle of Man means that for 4 weeks a year the main road around the Island is closed periodically for motorbike road racing and because we live inside the track we have to use the access road to get to the rest of the island. I have a tendency to stay at home and only go out if i really have too.......... We needed to go to the shops so a 15 minute journey took us an hour and 15. Thanks goodness that was the last race day for 2009. History was made also the first race was won by a woman. First time in the history of the Manx Grand Prix and TT races . Thanks for stopping by please leave a comment to say you've been Tania x

Thurs 3rd Sept, What I learnt........

This is my page of What I learnt on the 3rd. I will explain I was on the phone with my mum who lives in a small village just outside Huddersfield West Yorks (I live on the Isle of Man). When she said her cat was smelling at something on the rug, got up and rushed back and said she had a bat on her room rug, (it was in her hand by now, because she put it to the phone and I could hear it clicking) I said to find a box to put it in and I would search the net for a contact number. By the time we spoke again I had rung bat rescue and a lovely lady explained about keeping the bat until dusk then having to put it in the box about 5 - 6 feet in the air let it crawl to the edge and hopefully the air will get under its wings and then it should hopefully fly way. I did ask if it plummeted to the ground what should she do, she said to put it back in the box and ring in the morning after 9. I passed on all the info when we spoke, Mum was a little apprehensive because the weather was so poor but when she rang later she said that the other bats were flying about so she had done as instructed and the bat had gone. She had got soaked through though!!!!!
So this is how I helped save a bat while living on the Isle of Man!!!!!!
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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Sept 2nd, Learn something new .........

September 2nd. I learnt that when someone rushes in front of you at the sorting office (main post office)that they don't always manage to do what they need to. The counter was closed so the man couldn't put his parcel through. I had a stamp on my important birthday cards and need to check if it was enough the postman could check for me and when I needed an extra stamp I had one in my purse. That's when being organised does help. I also bought my youngest a new blazer and it fits him perfect . Thanks for visiting please leave a comment Tx

Sept 1st ,Learn Something New Every Day

Here is my first page of my album thanks for looking Taniax.