Saturday, 5 September 2009

Friday 4th What I learnt today................

Here is mine what I learnt today....... you have to remember that living on the Isle of Man means that for 4 weeks a year the main road around the Island is closed periodically for motorbike road racing and because we live inside the track we have to use the access road to get to the rest of the island. I have a tendency to stay at home and only go out if i really have too.......... We needed to go to the shops so a 15 minute journey took us an hour and 15. Thanks goodness that was the last race day for 2009. History was made also the first race was won by a woman. First time in the history of the Manx Grand Prix and TT races . Thanks for stopping by please leave a comment to say you've been Tania x

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Becky said...

Hi, just looking at blogs from The Isle of Man, because we spend a lot of time over there. The idea of a rough sea crossing put me off this Christmas though. I think once you have experienced one bad crossing it makes you wary !
Anyway..Greetings from Manchester ! I remember that race..and the woman winning..YEAH !