Saturday, 5 September 2009

Thurs 3rd Sept, What I learnt........

This is my page of What I learnt on the 3rd. I will explain I was on the phone with my mum who lives in a small village just outside Huddersfield West Yorks (I live on the Isle of Man). When she said her cat was smelling at something on the rug, got up and rushed back and said she had a bat on her room rug, (it was in her hand by now, because she put it to the phone and I could hear it clicking) I said to find a box to put it in and I would search the net for a contact number. By the time we spoke again I had rung bat rescue and a lovely lady explained about keeping the bat until dusk then having to put it in the box about 5 - 6 feet in the air let it crawl to the edge and hopefully the air will get under its wings and then it should hopefully fly way. I did ask if it plummeted to the ground what should she do, she said to put it back in the box and ring in the morning after 9. I passed on all the info when we spoke, Mum was a little apprehensive because the weather was so poor but when she rang later she said that the other bats were flying about so she had done as instructed and the bat had gone. She had got soaked through though!!!!!
So this is how I helped save a bat while living on the Isle of Man!!!!!!
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